Diabetes patient can take part in different games but some games may be dangerous specially for fear of hypoglyceamia. Some games are not suitable like mountaineering, gliding, parachute dropping gotakhori etc. Of course these games are less popular in India. Again for safe games one must consult a doctor.
The science of Yoga is very old and is a rich heritage of our Indian culture. B. K. Sahay & Co-worker from Hyderabad scientifically proved the benefits of yoga after long term followup studies. The observations of their studies are as follows:
Fasting & post prandial blood sugar came down significantly.
Patient had feeling of well-being within 10 days with lowering of dosage of drugs. regulatory hormones like Cortisol.
Fall of FFA – suggesting better utilization of insulin and decreased peripheral utilization of insulin and decreasing peripheral resistance to insulin (receptor-action).
Some special Yogic practice like PRANAYAMA, DHANURASANA, ARDHA-MATSENDRA ASANA, PACHIMOTOSANA, HALASANA & VAJRASANA etc. are very helpful in diabetes mellitus.
These are practised in empty stomach for 30 min. & followed by SHAVASANA for 10-15 min.
Patient with hypertension & diabetes were also studied.
Consult your doctor and Yoga specialist.
Conclusion : Exercise therapy, Yoga and Games play a major and vital role in control of diabetes with adjustment of diet. Selection of each diabetic patient for exercise therapy after proper screening and evaluation is mandatory with the type of exercise protocol advocated carried out under medical supervision.
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